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I know you enjoy those girls watching you jack off.The thought of it just gets you so excited.You enjoy jacking off every chance you get in the shower before you head out to work thinking at any moments you could get caught. Even when your wife or girlfriend has some girl friends over you would enjoy it so much if she showed you off . Catch you in the bedroom jerking it off. You enjoy it ,but you pretend that you don’t like it. You even enjoy being teased while you get watched jerking that dick off.I have to admit there is something very sexy about a guy jacking off. It is very hot he is in such control of making himself feel so good. It is almost very hard not to jump in and help him pleasure himself. I love how your hand wrapped around that cock and you play with you balls. I do enjoy watching and telling you what to do for me and how to do it. I might just have to take some pics or video tape of  you. Show  you off and brag to my friends. You just never know! And that is the fun of it, part of the tease not knowing what I will do.  Call me jerk off! What are you waiting for? You know you  want me to hear and see you get that dick off. 



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